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September 9, 2014 — Computer scientists launch Kickstarter for video game that teaches kids how to code

Playing to learn: CodeSpells
Screen shot from CodeSpells
UCSD 9/10/2014—Computer scientists at UC San Diego (UCSD) have successfully funded on Kickstarter a new and improved version of CodeSpells, a first-person player game they developed that teaches players how to code. The game’s previous iteration, developed by UCSD computer science Ph.D. students Sarah Esper and Stephen Foster, has been in use in dozens of schools throughout the world for more than a year. The researchers have been using the game as a platform to learn about the best ways to teach children how to code. In a paper “CodeSpells: Bridging Educational Language Features with Industry-Standard Languages,” the researchers demonstrate that after playing CodeSpells for either four hours over four weeks or 10 hours over seven days, children ages 8 to 12 were able to write code by hand in Java.

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