Welcome to the International Summer School on AstroComputing 2014 (ISSAC2014) website!

Applications for ISSAC 2014, Neutrino and Nuclear Astrophysics, are closed.

Application Deadline: April 28, 2014

Description: The interplay of frontier research in neutrino physics, nucleosynthesis, abundance observations, and high- performance computing lies at the heart of efforts to understand core collapse supernovae, compact object mergers, and the mass assembly history of galaxies. New observations are driving exciting new developments in these fields. This school will provide the background for addressing these issues, including use of several of the relevant computer codes. The school will be hosted at the SDSC, whose data-intensive computing facilities, including the Gordon supercomputer with a third of a petabyte of flash storage, are among the best in the world. All students at ISSAC 2014 will have accounts on Gordon, and will participate in hands-on code sessions in the afternoons with lectures in the mornings.

Director: George Fuller (UCSD)

Baha Balantekin (University of Wisconsin — Madison)
Joe Carlson (Los Alamos National Lab)
John Cherry (Los Alamos National Lab)
Vincenzo Cirigliano (Los Alamos National Lab)
Huaiyu Duan (University of New Mexico)
Alex Friedland (Los Alamos National Lab)
Carla Fröhlich (North Carolina State University)
George Fuller (UC San Diego)
Evan Grohs (UC San Diego)
Dan Kasen (UC Berkeley/Lawrence Berkeley Lab)
Evan Kirby (UC Irvine)
Bronson Messer (Oak Ridge National Lab)
Tony Mezzacappa (Oak Ridge National Lab)
Mark Paris (Los Alamos National Lab)
Christian Ott (Caltech)
Joel Primack (UC Santa Cruz)
Yong-Zhong Qian (University of Minnesota)

The registration fee for ISSAC 2014 will be $300; payment will be required at the time of acceptance. UC- HiPACC will cover lodging for all students, and some financial assistance may be available for travel expenses.

Apply by April 28, 2014

For further information and answers to questions please contact Sue Grasso in the UC-HiPACC office (email: hipacc@ucsc.edu, phone: 831 459-1531).