Lectures Series >Description:ISSAC2013

Series Start Date: 2013-07-22

Series Location: UC Santa Cruz

Website: http://hipacc.ucsc.edu/ISSAC2013.html


 Star and planet formation are central drivers in cosmic evolution: they control generation of radiation, synthesis of heavy elements, and development of potential sites for life. Because star and planet formation involve numerous physical processes operating over orders of magnitude in length and time scale, simulations have become essential to progress in the field. The objective of the 2013 UC-HiPACC AstroComputing Summer School is to train the next generation of researchers in the use of large-scale simulations in star and planet formation problems. The school will cover many of the major public codes in use today, including tutorials and hands-on experience running and analyzing simulations. Students will receive accounts on the new 3,000-core supercomputer Hyades on the UCSC campus for the duration of the school.

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