Lectures Series > 2013 Santa Cruz Galaxy Workshop
2013 Santa Cruz Galaxy Workshop
Dark halo response in MaGICC simulations Aaron Dutton View 2013-08-14
Multiple Populations and Globular Cluster Formation in Dwarf Galaxies Aaron Maxwell View 2013-08-15
Dynamics of accretion in galaxy halos Aaron Romanowsky View 2013-08-12
How to build compact SF spheroids Adi Zolotov View 2013-08-16
The Hubble expansion from gamma-ray attenuation Alberto Dominguez View 2013-08-12
Positive feedback in galaxy formation: connecting small to large scales Alexander Hobbs View 2013-08-16
The vast, thin plane of corotating dwarf galaxies, orbiting Andromeda Andreas Burkert View 2013-08-16
Building late-type spirals by ex-situ and in-situ star formation Annalisa Pillepich View 2013-08-16
Violent disk instability: clump evolution and blue nuggets Avishai Dekel View 2013-08-14
Radio-emitting electrons in the Cygnus A cavity Bill Mathews View 2013-08-14
Dark MaGICC: the effect of dark energy on galaxy structures Camilla Penzo View 2013-08-14
Maintaining dead galaxies with stellar heating Charlie Conroy View 2013-08-15
Evidence that the cool/warm CGM is self-similar with halo mass Chris Churchill View 2013-08-15
Disk instability in cosmological simulations with radiative feedback Chris Moody View 2013-08-13
Momentum feedback in dwarf galaxy simulations Christine Simpson View 2013-08-16
Supermassive black hole growth in hydrodynamic simulations Colin DeGraf View 2013-08-16
Interpreting observations of quenched and star-forming dwarf galaxies Coral Wheeler View 2013-08-15
Radiative feedback and the Low Efficiency of Star formation in Cosmological Simulations Daniel Ceverino View 2013-08-16
The dominant mode of galaxy growth from deep Herschel surveys David Elbaz View 2013-08-13
New Illuminating Highlights on Galaxies and AGNs from CANDELS David Koo View 2013-08-13
Metallicity maps of galaxies in observations and simulations Duncan Forbes View 2013-08-15
Bulge formation at z=4 to 1 Dylan Tweed View 2013-08-13
Kinematics and Dark Matter halos of dwarf ellipticals in Virgo Elisa Toloba View 2013-08-15
Inflows, outflows and star formation in ART simulations Elizabeth Klimek View 2013-08-16
A massive CD galaxy at z=1.1 and its implications Fengshan Liu View 2013-08-12
The pressure of the star forming ISM in cosmological simulations Ferah Munshi View 2013-08-15
From starburst to quiescence: AGN feedback in post-starburst galaxies Hassen Yesuf View 2013-08-12
ELUCID: Exploring the Local Universe with re-Constructed Initial Density fields Houjun Mo View 2013-08-14
Stellar feedback and galaxy formation James Wadsley View 2013-08-16
Globular clusters and halo stars as tracers of galaxy assembly Jean Brodie View 2013-08-12
A Link Between Inner Galaxy Structure and Quenching Jerome Fang View 2013-08-12
The AGORA project - initial conditions and the proof-of-concept test Ji-hoon Kim View 2013-08-16
Dependence of galaxy quenching on halo mass and galaxy structure Joanna Woo View 2013-08-12
Opening Remarks & Chancellor Greetings Joel Primack View 2013-08-12
The AGORA project - introduction and rationale Joel Primack View 2013-08-16
Stellar Masses and Abundance Matching for Virgo Cluster Joel Roediger View 2013-08-13
Central quenching via shutoff of graviational Instability John Forbes View 2013-08-13
A dichotomy in the quenching of satellite galaxies John Phillips View 2013-08-12
Feedback of Massive Stars in Dwarf Galaxy Formation Jose Oñorbe View 2013-08-16
Galaxy formation with SPHS Justin Read View 2013-08-16
H2-based star formation in high-z galaxies and reionization Ken Nagamine View 2013-08-16
Predicting the tidal stripping of satellite galaxies Kenza Arraki View 2013-08-15
DM in early type galaxies Kristin Woodley View 2013-08-12
Angular momentum acquisition in galaxy halos Kyle Stewart View 2013-08-13
Multi-scale simulations of high-z galaxies from cosmology to nuclei Lucio Mayer View 2013-08-16
Understanding radiation-pressure driven winds Mark Krumholz View 2013-08-15
Lyman limit systems and the circumgalactic medium at z~2-3 Michele Fumagalli View 2013-08-15
Self-interacting dark matter Miguel Rocha View 2013-08-14
Halo concentration and Dark Matter annihilation substructure boost Miguel Sánchez-Conde View 2013-08-14
The properties of giant clumps in cosmological simulations Nir Mandelker View 2013-08-13
Cosmological simulations of dwarf galaxies with self-interacting dark matter Oliver Elbert View 2013-08-14
Collisionless structure formation Oliver Hahn View 2013-08-14
Galaxy buildup at the cosmic dawn: ultradeep HST and Spitzer observations Pascal Oesch View 2013-08-12
Evolution of red cluster galaxies Rachel Reddick View 2013-08-12
Galaxy formation with local photoionization feedback Rahul Kannan View 2013-08-16
The most metal-poor Damped Lyman-alpha systems Ryan Cooke View 2013-08-15
Galaxy assembly with radiative feedback and local star formation Sebastian Trujillo-Gomez View 2013-08-13
The ELVIS project: Exploring the Local Volume In Simulations Shea Garrison-Kimmel View 2013-08-14
Galactic discs forming through clump clusters Shigeki Inoue View 2013-08-13
High-redshift galaxy populations in the Illustris galaxy formation simulation Shy Genel View 2013-08-13
Cosmic variance: big volume and constrained simulations Steffen Hess View 2013-08-12
The future of galaxy scaling relations Stephane Courteau View 2013-08-13
Dark matter fluid dynamics Tom Abel View 2013-08-14
Satellite galaxy evolution in groups Tomer Tal View 2013-08-13
The transverse proximity effect Xavier Prochaska View 2013-08-15
Evolution of the fraction of clumpy galaxies Yicheng Guo View 2013-08-13
Formation of disk galaxies Yu Lu View 2013-08-13
An empirical model for the star formation history in Dark Matter halos Zhankui Lu View 2013-08-12