General Information

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Travel Information

UC-HiPACC has made arrangements for a parking permit to be waiting for you at the UCSC main entrance kiosk.  The kiosk is a small red building on the right, just inside the main campus entrance (at the intersection of Bay and High Streets). Details on parking near the Alumni room at UCSC will soon be posted. Public transportation to the University is also available.

We ask that you make your own airline and car rental reservations. We recommend that you arrange for car rental pick up at the airport and continue car rental use throughout the boot camp. Reimbursements will be made for car rentals kept through Thursday, June 28th at noon. We have made lodging reservations for you at the Mission Inn for Sunday, June 24th through Wednesday, June 27th with a check-in time of 3:30pm and check-out time of 11am. The address of the Mission Inn is 2250 Mission Street, Santa Cruz, 831 425-5455.

An afternoon get-acquainted reception will be hosted at 5pm on Sunday, June 24th and you are encouraged to attend. This will be hosted by UC-HiPACC Director Joel Primack and his wife Nancy Abrams at their house. Their address is 575 High Street, Santa Cruz. The Computational Astronomy Journalism Boot Camp is scheduled to begin at 8am on Monday, January 25th. The event will include a continental breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks both days. UC-HiPACC will host a banquet the night of Monday the 25th.

Reimbursement and other information for attendees:

  • A Post Travel form must be completed and signed by participants within 21 days of the last day of travel. This form is a summary of all expenses incurred while on travel status.
  • All travelers must utilize the most economical mode of transportation and the most commonly traveled route consistent with the authorized purpose of the trip. In the interest of economy, travel on commercial airlines shall be by coach or any discounted class. There is an $800 limit on reimbursement of airfare based on actual expenses.

If advance approval has been obtained from HiPACC, a traveler may use car transportation for personal reasons even though air travel is the appropriate mode of transportation. The cost of lodging, parking, meals, personal car mileage, tolls, taxis, and ferries incurred while in transit by surface transportation may be reimbursed. However, such costs shall not exceed the cost of airfare, based on the lower of the regular coach fare available for the location of travel from a standard commercial air carrier or the campus travel program fare, plus transportation costs to and from the terminals.

  • If you are visiting prior to and/or after the boot camp, please confirm with HiPACC what expenses may or may not be covered during that time period.
  • Hotel reservations for the night of Wednesday the 27th are optional and to be made by the traveler. All travelers will have a $200 limit on reimbursement (based on actual expenses) for a hotel stay the night of Wednesday the 27th. In addition, meals should not exceed $71 for any day.
  • Please be aware that the optional insurance waiver offered by the car rental agency should be considered, but is not a reimbursable expense under University policy.
  • For any questions, including foreign Visa questions, please contact