James S. Bullock, UC Irvine (Director, Center for Galaxy Evolution) http://www.physics.uci.edu/~bullock/

Brenda Dingus, Los Alamos National Lab (PI, High Altitude Water Cerenkov detector)

Sandra M. Faber, UC Santa Cruz, banquet speaker (University Professor of Astronomy) http://astro.ucsc.edu/~dept/faculty/faber.html

George M. Fuller, UC San Diego http://casswww.ucsd.edu/index.php/faculty:Gfuller

Steven Furlanetto, UC Los Angeles http://www.astro.ucla.edu/~sfurlane/

Kim Griest, UC San Diego (chair, US Astronomy and Astrophysics Advisory Committee) http://physics.ucsd.edu/~griest/

Robert Irion, UC Santa Cruz, round-table discussion leader (Director, Science Communication Program) http://scicom.ucsc.edu/faculty/index.html

Manoj Kaplinghat, UC Irvine http://physics.uci.edu/~kaplinghat/

Mark Krumholz, UC Santa Cruz http://research.pbsci.ucsc.edu/astro/krumholz/

Gregory P. Laughlin, UC Santa Cruz http://www.ucolick.org/~laugh/

Claire E. Max, UC Santa Cruz (director, Center for Adaptive Optics) http://www.ucolick.org/~max/max-web/Max.v2.html

Michael Norman, UC San Diego (director, San Diego Supercomputer Center) http://www.sdsc.edu/about/Director.html

Joel R. Primack, UC Santa Cruz (director, UC-HiPACC) http://scipp.ucsc.edu/personnel/profiles/primack.html

Eliot Quataert, UC Berkeley (director, Theoretical Astrophysics Center) http://astro.berkeley.edu/~eliot/