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Bolshoi Outreach

Bolshoi in "Life: A Cosmic Story"

Life: A Cosmic Story
A very early timestep of the Bolshoi simulation was featured in "Life: A Cosmic Story" produced by the Morrison Planetarium at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.

Life begins with a towering grove of redwoods. The audience is then taken on a "magic school bus-like ride" into a redwood leaf and then a redwood cell. The camera then pulls out as cellulose structures fade into a soft cloud-like substance representing a very early stage of the evolution of the large scale structure, corresponding to redshift z=20, which is about 180 million years after the big bang, just when the first stars were beginning to form. The scene then transitions into a visualization of Tom Abel's "first star" simulations.

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"Inside the Milky Way" - National Geographic TV

Inside the Milky Way
A visualization of Bolshoi, produced by Chris Henze at Nasa Ames Research Center in Mountain View and explained by Joel Primack, was recently featured in the National Geographic TV high-def special "Inside the Milky".

Inside the Milky Way takes viewers on an astounding journey across 100,000 light-years to witness key moments in the history of the Milky Way. Using the latest science, NGC constructs a 3-D state-of-the-art CGI model of our galaxy. We'll peer into the heart of the Milky Way on the hunt for super-massive black holes, watch how stars are born and die, fly out and above the plane of our galaxy to understand its true shape and scour its dusty spiral arms for the possibility of life."

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view excerpts from "Inside the Milky Way": Watch Joel R. Primack explain dark matter, the Bolshoi simulation and the Pleiades Supercomputer at Nasa Ames.