2011 Galaxy Workshop Participants2011 Galaxy Workshop Participants. Image credit: Trudy E. Bell

Welcome to the 2011 Santa Cruz Galaxy Workshop homepage!

Organizers: Avishai Dekel and Joel Primack.


Important arrival information: Those arriving to the Galaxy Workshop later than the
first day (Monday, 8/8) must visit the kiosk at
the base of campus to pick up your permits.
Please park at the West Core Parking Structure. Other workshop materials will be given to you during the coffee breaks.

Lunches: Those who ordered lunches vouchers can pick them up outside the Simularium during
the morning coffee breaks. We'd like to remind those of you who did not purchase lunches in advance to bring your own lunches. As we explained in several emails, there will be no nearby places at UCSC serving lunch during the week.



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Monday, August 8, Morning: Koo Day I (Chair: Dekel)
9:20-9:25 (5m)
Opening remarks
by Dekel and Primack
9:25-9:30 (5m)
George Blumenthal (UCSC)
Chancellor greetings
9:30-9:55 (20m)
Sandy Faber (UCSC)
Scientific highlights of the DEEP2 and AEGIS surveys[ .mov ]
9:55-10:20 (20m)
Garth Illinworth (UCSC)
Galaxies in the first billion years [ .mov ]
10:20-10:45 (20m)
Rafael Guzman (Florida)
Compact and massive early-type galaxies at redshift ~1[ .mov ]

11:15-11:40 (20m)
Jesus Gallego (UCM)
Evolution of the star-forming galaxy population via H alpha[ .mov ]
11:40-12:05 (20m)
James Lowenthal (Smith)
HST and Spitzer view of luminous compact blue galaxies[ .mov ]
12:05-12:30 (20m)
Rogier Windhorst (ASU)
Koo-I: Panchromatic astronomy: past, present, and future[ .mov ]
12:30-12:40 (10m)


Monday, August 8, Afternoon: Koo Day II (Chair: Primack)
14:00-14:25 (20m)
Alex Szalay (JHU)
BAO signature in the SDSS main galaxy sample[ .mov ]
14:25-14:50 (20m)
Matt Bershady (UWisconsin)
Disk Mass Survey: maximality and stellar M/L[ .mov ]
14:50-15:15 (20m)
Raja Guhathakurta (UCSC)
M31's unusual bulge[ .mov ]
15:15-15:40 (20m)
Gustavo Bruzual (CIDA)
Pending problems in stellar population synthesis[ .mov ]

16:10-16:35 (20m)
Michael Fall (STScI)
Star clusters as building blocks of galaxies (coming soon!)
16:35-16:55 (16m)
Dale Kocevski (UCSC)
Triggering mechanisms of AGN at z~2 (CANDELS)[ .mov ]
16:55-17:15 (16m)
Aaron Dutton (UVIC)
Dark halo contraction and the stellar IMF[ .mov ]
17:15-17:40 (20m)
David Koo (UCSC)
Winds in z~1 galaxies[ .mov ]
17:40-18:00 (20m)


Tuesday, August 9, Morning: Star Formation and Feedback (Chair: Koo)
09:20-09:45 (20m)
Christopher McKee (UCB)
Star formation in the multiphase interstellar medium of galaxies[ .mov ]
09:45-10:10 (20m)
Mark Krumholz (UCSC)
Metallicity-dependent star formation and galaxy formation[ .mov ]
10:10-10:30 (16m) Michael Kuhlen (UCB)
Dwarf galaxy formation with H2-regulated star formation[ .mov ]
10:30-10:45 (12m) Nathan Goldbaum (UCSC)
Evolution of giant molecular clouds[ .mov ]

11:15-11:40 (20m)
Norm Murray (CITA)
On the origin of galactic scale winds[ .mov ]
11:40-12:05 (20m)
Andreas Burkert (Munich)
Supernova driven versus gravity driven galaxy evolution[ .mov ]
12:05-12:25 (16m)
Desika Narayanan (Arizona)
H2 mass of a galaxy? the CO-H2 conversion factor[ .mov ]
12:25-12:40 (15m)

Tuesday, August 9, Afternoon: High-z SFG (Chair: Burkert)
14:00-14:25 (20m)
Reinhard Genzel (MPE/UCB)
Galactic star formation at the peak of the galaxy formation epoch[ .mov ]
14:25-14:40 (12m)
Sarah Newman (UCB)
Superwinds from massive star-forming clumps at z~2 [.mov]
14:40-15:00 (16m)
Daniel Ceverino (Jerusalem)
Rotational support of giant clumps in high-z disk galaxies[ .mov ]
15:00-15:15 (12m)
Mark Mozena (UCSC)
Clumpy disks at high z in CANDELS and simulations[ .mov ]
15:15-15:40 (20m)
Neal Katz (UMASS)
Birth of the cool[ .mov ]

16:10-16:35 (20m)
Avishai Dekel (Jerusalem)
Stream-fed clumpy disks, bulges and black holes[ .mov ]
16:35-16:55 (16m)
Oliver Hahn (KIPAC)
Pancakes served cold[ .mov ]
16:55-17:15 (16m)
Daniel Kasen (UCB)
Lyman alpha emission from simulated high-z galaxies[ .mov ]
17:15-17:35 (16m)
Marcello Cacciato (Jerusalem)
Evolution of gravitational Instability in high-z galaxies[ .mov ]
17:35-17:50 (12m)
John Forbes (UCSC)
Stellar populations produced in gravitationally unstable disks[ .mov ]
17:50-18:05 (15m)

Wednesday, August 10, Morning: Inflows and Outflows, IGM (Chair: van den Bosch)
9:20-9:45 (20m) Romeel Dave (Arizona)
An analytic model for galaxy growth in equilibrium[ .mov ]
9:45-10:05 (16m)
Kyle Stewart (JPL)
Observing the end of cold flow accretion: co-rotation of cool gas[ .mov ]
10:05-10:20 (12m)
Michele Fumagalli (UCSC)
Detecting cold streams with absorption line systems[ .mov ]
10:20-10:40 (16m) Ariyeh Maller (CUNY)
Galaxy gaseous halos and galaxy formation[ .mov ]

11:10-11:25 (12m)
Peter Behroozi (KIPAC)
Star formation histories from z=0 to z=8[ .mov ]
11:25-11:45 (16m)
Pascal Oesch (UCSC)
Exploring the high-redshift universe with HST[ .mov ]
11:45-12:00 (12m)
Valentino Gonzalez (UCSC)
Stellar population modeling of galaxies and the sSFR plateau at z=4-7
[ .mov ]
12:00-12:20 (16m)
Rudy Gilmore (SISSA)
Modeling of the extragalactic background light[ .mov ]
12:20-12:40 (20m)


Wednesday, August 10, Afternoon: Disk Galaxies, Star Formation, Feedback (Chair: Naab)
14:00-14:20 (16m)
Dusan Keres (UCB)
Galaxy formation on a moving mesh[ .mov ]
14:20-14:40 (16m)
Charlie Conroy (Harvard/CfA)
Spectral fluctuations as a new probe of the IMF in nearby galaxies[ .mov ]
14:40-15:00 (16m)
Chao-Chin Yang (UCSC)
Metal mixing near spiral arms[ .mov ]
15:00-15:15 (12m)
Sam Leitner (UChicago)
Rewinding galaxies using SFRs & the Fossil Record[ .mov ]
15:15-15:35 (16m)
Patrik Jonsson (Harvard/CfA)
SED modeling of galaxies in simulations[ .mov ]

16:05-16:20 (12m)
Amber Bauermeister (UCB)
Evolution of molecular gas in normal galaxies (CARMA)[ .mov ]
16:20-16:35 (12m)
Judy Cheng (UCSC)
Abundance trends in the MW disk as observed by SEGUE [ .mov ]
16:35-16:55 (16m)
Sijing Shen (UCSC)
Metal enrichment of the CGM of massive galaxies at z=3[ .mov ]
16:55-17:15 (16m)
Kathy Cooksey (MIT)
The last eight-billion years of CIV and SiIV evolution[ .mov ]
17:15-17:35 (16m)
Greg Shields (Texas)
Enhanced abundances in spiral galaxies of the Pegasus I cluster[ .mov ]
17:35-17:50 (12m)
Robert da Silva (UCSC)
First passage quasars[ .mov ]
17:50-18:05 (15m)

Thursday, August 11, Morning: ETG, Quenching (Chair: Dave)
09:20-09:45 (20m)
Thorsten Naab (MPA)
Cosmological formation of slowly rotating massive elliptical galaxies
[ .mov ]
09:45-10:00 (12m)
Ludwig Oser (UCI)
Structural evolution of massive galaxies[ .mov ]
10:00-10:15 (12m) Jared Gabor (Arizona)
Building the red sequence in cosmological simulations[ .mov ]
10:15-10:30 (12m) Lauren Porter (UCSC)
SAM evolution of early type galaxy versus SDSS and 6dF data[ .mov ]
10:30-10:45 (12m) Joanna Woo (Jerusalem)
Environment dependence of star formation and quenching[ .mov ]

11:15-11:40 (20m)
Fabio Governato (UW)
The central kpc of galaxies: bulges and DM cores[ .mov ]
11:40-12:00 (16m)
Robert Feldmann (Fermilab)
Born to be bright: evolution of massive galaxies in groups[ .mov ]
12:00-12:20 (16m)
Andrew Wetzel (Yale)
The evolution of galaxies in groups and clusters[ .mov ]
12:20-12:40 (20m)


Thursday, August 11, Afternoon: Mergers, Dwarfs (Chair: Ma)
14:00-14:20 (16m)
Aaron Romanowsky (UCO/Lick)
Constraints on galaxy formation from angular momentum(coming soon!)
14:20-14:40 (16m)
Loren Hoffman (Jerusalem)
Rotating ETG: merger simulations versus ATLAS3D survey[ .mov ]
14:40-14:55 (12m)
Chris Moody (UCSC)
Galaxy merger simulations versus SAURON/ATLAS3D data[ .mov ]
14:55-15:10 (12m)
Jacob Arnold (UCSC)
Halo rotation and metallicity gradients in ETGs: two-phase assembly [ .mov ]
15:10-15:30 (16m)
Mike Boylan-Kolchin (CGE/UCI)
Massive failures among the Milky Way's subhalos[ .mov ]

16:00-16:25 (20m)
James Bullock (UCI)
Satellites and subhalos in LCDM[ .mov ]
16:25-16:40 (12m)
Jose Onorbe (UCI)
Correlations of DM halo properties[ .mov ]
16:40-16:55 (12m)
Shea Garrison-Kimmel (UCI)
Massive failures in the WMAP-7 cosmology [ .mov ]
16:55-17:10 (12m)
Miguel Rocha (UCI)
Dynamics of the subhalo population of the VL2 simulation[ .mov ]
17:10-17:25 (12m)
Erik Tollerud (UCI)
Kinematics and scaling relations of M31 dSphs (SPLASH survey)[ .mov ]
17:25-17:40 (12m)
Chris Purcell (Pittsburgh)
Sagittarius impact: spirality and rings in the Milky Way[ .mov ]
17:40-18:00 (20m)

Shakespeare Santa Cruz

Friday, August 12, Morning: Black Holes (Chair: Bullock)
9:20-9:45 (20m)
Chung-Pei Ma (UCB)
Discovery of 10 billion solar mass black holes (coming soon!)
9:45-10:05 (16m)
C-A Faucher-Giguere (UCB)
A model of FeLoBALs: implications for quasar feedback[ .mov ]
10:05-10:25 (16m)
Greg Novak (Princeton)
Simulations of black hole fueling and feedback[ .mov ]
10:25-10:45 (16m)
Phil Hopkins (UCB)
Simulations of stellar and AGN feedback[.mov ]
10:45-11:05 (16m)
Jonathan Trump (UCSC)
AGN unified model: accretion, obscuration, and host (CANDELS) [ .mov ]

11:30-11:45 (12m)
Fulai Guo (UCSC)
The Fermi bubbles: an AGN feedback event in the Milky Way?[ .mov ]
11:45-12:10 (20m)
Frank van den Bosch (Yale)
Cosmic velocity and tidal fields from groups in SDSS[ .mov ]
12:10-12:25 (12m)
Surhud More (KICP)
How accurate is our knowledge of the galaxy bias?[ .mov ]
12:25-12:50 (20m)
Joel Primack (UCSC)
Bolshoi simulations and their implications[ .mov ]
12:50-13:10 (20m)
Concluding discussion






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If you are arriving for the Galaxy Workshop later than the first day, for example you're coming Wednesday until Friday, you must visit the kiosk at the base of campus to pick up your permits. Please park at the West Core Parking Structure. Other workshop materials will be given to you during coffee break.

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UC-HIPACC (University of California High Performance AstroComputing Center) is co-sponsoring the 2011 Galaxy Formation Workshop.

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Shakespeare Santa Cruz

Season 2011UC Santa Cruz is home to one of America's great Shakespeare Festivals, which coincides with our Galaxy Workshop. For the past few years a highlight of our workshop has been an evening together at a Shakespeare play, and we will go to Henry IV part 1 on Aug. 11 at 7:30 PM. If you have not yet reserved tickets with Nancy Abrams, the time to get group discount tickets is closed, but if you would still like to go, you can still buy tickets online at shakespearesantacruz.org

Two other great productions are going on in repertory with Henry IV, in case you want to see them all: Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors, and the modern play The Three Musketeers. To find out more about all the plays, visit http://shakespearesantacruz.org