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2017 Galaxy Workshop Participants. Photo: Michael Bolte. Click on image to download high-res version (12MB).

Welcome! Bienvenido!

Welcome to the 2017 Santa Cruz Galaxy Workshop homepage! If you would like to attend the Workshop, please send an email to Avishai Dekel at avishai.dekel@mail.huji.ac.il .

The Galaxy Workshop, August 7–11, will be held in the Simularium, room 180 in the Engineering 2 Building. If you will be participating in the CANDELS meeting at UCSC August 4-5-6, it will be meeting in ISB 102 (Interdisciplinary Sciences Building). If you will be participating in AGORA Workshop, August 11-13, it will meet on August 11 also in the Simularium, and on subsequent days in ISB 102. Click on the General Information tab or the AGORA Workshop tab for more information.

Organizers: Avishai Dekel and Joel Primack.

Click here to visit the 2016 Santa Cruz Galaxy Workshop Website.



Housing and Transportation


No housing will be available on campus this summer. We recommend that if you plan to attend the conference, you arrange for lodging early. Although hotel policies vary, at the time you make your reservations you should ask if there is a UCSC rate.

Please enter the UCSC campus through the West Entrance and follow the signs toward Core West Parking Lot. Follow the directions to the Simularium where the workshop is held and there will be a check-in table there on Monday morning. If you have paid for parking, you can pick your parking permits on the third floor of the parking lot; if you still need to pay for parking, you will be able to do so there as well. Keep in mind that if you have a car on campus you must have a permit; the officers ticket regularly, even in the summer. Once you have parked, there will be signs to the Simularium, Engineering 2 Building-- Map (directions from Core West to the Simularium)

Airport shuttles
Shuttle services from the airport to campus or to your lodging are available for a fee:

Public transport
Public transportation options to, from, and around Santa Cruz can be done through the Santa Cruz Metro.

Local Lodging Options

If you will be staying an additional week for collaboration, either before or after the workshop, you may want to try the following suggestions for a bit longer term and possibly less expensive housing:

  • Craig's List - Craig's List shows housing for rent in many areas- just select the Santa Cruz locations from the following Monterey Bay Area list

In addition we have a listing from Academic HR, which contains many housing options for extended stays, typically in faculty/UCSC employee houses. This list is available upon request. For example, there is a 3-bedroom house near the beach and UCSC that is available for extended stay. Contact Aaron, romanow@ucolick.org.

Other Useful Information

Avishai Dekel (avishai.dekel@mail.huji.ac.il)
Joel Primack (joel@ucsc.edu)

Hello workshop participants,

The Galaxy Workshop is fast approaching! This year's workshop, Monday to Friday, August 7–11, will be held in the Simularium, Engineering 2 Building in the School of Engineering, to be preceded by the CANDELS meeting August 4-5-6 (see the CANDELS page), and to be followed by the AGORA meeting, August 11–13 (see the AGORA Workshop page and https://sites.google.com/site/santacruzcomparisonproject/workshops/6th-workshop for details on the AGORA workshop).

The registration fee this year will be $250 which will cover daily lunches and snacks.


Questionnaire: https://goo.gl/forms/AsPjzSQsZXw6hMDh2

Any questions regarding registration may also be directed to Colin DeGraf at cdegraf@ast.cam.ac.uk


At this time, please register for the workshop using this link: https://event.bookitbee.com/12445/2017-santa-cruz-galaxy-workshop

This is important! You will be asked to provide information including specific days of attendance, parking, and meal requests, and guest attendance tot he banquet, and you will then be directed to a secure web site to provide payment information. Everyone who wants to attend MUST register to ensure that the proper accommodations are in place.

Please note: The registration fee for this year's Galaxy Workshop will be $250. This fee will cover the costs of the welcome banquet as well as lunch, morning and afternoon refreshments for five days. The Galaxy Workshop banquet will be on Monday night, August 7.

Santa Cruz Shakespeare

The Santa Cruz Shakespeare plays during the workshop are Measure for Measure August 9 and 13, and The Gentlemen of Verona August 11, 12, and 13, and The 39 Steps August 10 and 12. Full information is at https://www.santacruzshakespeare.org.
Tickets can be purchased online or by calling (831) 460-6399 (noon - 5:00 pm, Tuesday-Friday).

6th AGORA Workshop

AGORA is an international collaboration to run and compare high-resolution hydrodynamic zoom-in galaxy simulations. Visit the AGORA Project website: http://www.agorasimulations.org/. The page for the AGORA workshop this August is https://sites.google.com/site/santacruzcomparisonproject/workshops/6th-workshop. If you plan to participate, please register at https://sites.google.com/site/santacruzcomparisonproject/reg.

This summer, the final day of the Santa Cruz Galaxy Workshop will also be the first day of the Assembling Galaxies of Resolved Anatomy (AGORA) Workshop , which will run from August 11–13. On August 11, the AGORA workshop will meet in the Simularium, room 180 in Engineering 2 Building in the School of Engineering-- Map. (Similar map but with directions from Core West Parking Garage to the Simularium.) Subsequent days will meet in ISB 102 (Interdisciplinary Sciences Building)-- Map.




The CANDELS team is hosting its annual team meeting at UCSC in conjunction with the Santa Cruz Galaxy Workshop on Aug. 4, 5, 6 (through noon). The sessions will be held in Room 102 of the Interdisciplinary Sciences Building. A team dinner will be held on Aug. 5. The foci will be on recent scientific results from CANDELS and related data and planning for JWST and ALMA.

All members of the CANDELS mailing list are invited, as are guest collaborators of Koo, Primack, Faber, and Dekel visiting Santa Cruz this summer. Invitations are by email.

Participants are responsible for their hotel reservations and travel fees. A modest registration fee will be required. A website link for registration, participants, schedule, and instructions will appear here shortly. Organizers are Sandra Faber (faber@ucolick.org) and David Koo (koo@ucolick.org). Contact them for more information in the meantime.