Lectures Series > 2014 Santa Cruz Galaxy Workshop
2014 Santa Cruz Galaxy Workshop
Opening Statements Joel Primack View 2014-08-11
Chancellor Greetings George Blumenthal View 2014-08-11
Forged in FIRE: Cusps and Cores in Low-Mass Dwarf Galaxies James Bullock View 2014-08-11
A New Extremely High-Resolution Zoom-In Sheet of Simulated Dwarf Galaxies Ferah Munshi View 2014-08-11
Comparing the evolving Properties of Satellite and Isolated Dwarf Galaxies Kenza Arraki View 2014-08-11
Dwarf Galaxies at High Redshift Ryan Cooke View 2014-08-11
Cusp or Core? The Inner Slope of the Dark MAtter Halo of the Elliptical Galaxy NGC 1407 Using Stars Vincenzo Pota View 2014-08-11
Dwarf-Dwarf Mergers in the Local Group Alis Deason View 2014-08-11
Stellar Kinematics of Virgo Cluster Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies Elisa Toloba View 2014-08-11
The Effect of Black Holes in Local Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies Alma Gonzalez View 2014-08-11
Galaxy Build-up and Evolution in the First 2 Billion Years of the Universe Rychard Bouwens View 2014-08-11
Illuminating the Dark Universe with Quasar-induced Ly-alpha Systems Sebastiano Cantalupo View 2014-08-11
Reproducing the Kinematics of Damped Lyman-alpha Systems Simeon Bird View 2014-08-11
Massive Galaxy Formation Marie Wingyee Lau View 2014-08-11
Probing the Physical State of the IGM Martin Haehnelt View 2014-08-11
Quenching Quandaries in the MgII Circumgalactic Medium Nikole Nielsen View 2014-08-11
The Circumgalactic Medium of Dwarf Galaxies in Simulations Jacob Vander Vliet View 2014-08-11
Halo Mass Dependence of HI and OVI Absorption: Evidence for Differential Kinematics Nigel Mathes View 2014-08-11
Rapid Black Hole Growth in the Progenitors of Compact Quenched Galaxies at z~2-3 Dale Kocevski View 2014-08-12
Feedback from AGN: Energy Versus Momentum-Driven Outflows Tiago Costa View 2014-08-12
Impact of Bursty Black Hole Accretion and Feedback on Host Galaxy Formation Colin Degraf View 2014-08-12
The Impact of Feedback on Cosmological Gas Accretion Dylan Nelson View 2014-08-12
The MASSIVE Survey of the 100 Most Massive Nearby Elliptical Galaxies Chung-Pei MA View 2014-08-12
OMEGA: OSIRIS Mapping of Emission-Line Galaxies in A901/2 Ana Chies Santos View 2014-08-12
On the Interplay Between Star Formation and Feedback in Galaxy Formation Simulations Oscar Agertz (Surrey) View 2014-08-12
Galaxy Zoo: Bars are not Responsible for the Feeding of AGN at 0.2 < z < 1.0 Edmond Cheung (UCSC) View 2014-08-12
The Mean Outflow Properties of Galaxies in DEEP3 Redshift Survey Hassen Yesuf (UCSC) View 2014-08-12
You Can’t Always Get What You Want: Making Sense of the Observable Tracers of Gas and Star Formati Mark Krumholz (UCSC) View 2014-08-12
Updates on FIRE:! Feedback In Realistic Environments Phil Hopkins (Caltech)! View 2014-08-12
Galaxies in Statistical Equilibrium John Forbes (UCSC) View 2014-08-12
A Simple Model Linking Galaxy and Dark Matter Evolution Simon Birrer (ETH) View 2014-08-12
Violent Disk Instabilities and High-z Disk Galaxies Andreas Burkert (Munich) View 2014-08-13
Disc Instability Analyses for High-z Clumpy Galaxies in Simulations Shigeki Inoue (HUJI) View 2014-08-13
Clumpy Star-forming Galaxies from z ~ 3 to z ~ 0.5 Yicheng Guo (UCSC) View 2014-08-13
Evolution of Giant Clumps in Simulations of High-z Galaxies with Radiative Feedback Nir Mandelker (HUJI) View 2014-08-13
Kinematics and Stellar Populations of Compact SFGs, Tracing the Formation of Red Nuggets Guillermo Barro (UCSC) View 2014-08-13
Comapction and Quenching of High-z Galaxies Adi Zolotov (HUJI) View 2014-08-13
The Multiple Formation Channels of Massive, Compact Galaxies at z = 2 in the Illustris Simulation Sarah Wellons (Harvard) View 2014-08-13
All in One Basket: Size Growth, Morphological Transformations, Quenching and Environment Marcella Carollo View 2014-08-14
Mass, Morphology and Quenching Joanna Woo View 2014-08-14
Quenching of Galaxies and Formation of Bulges Sandro Tacchella View 2014-08-14
What Happens to a Galaxy's Gasous Halo When Star Formation Shuts Down? Jessica Werk View 2014-08-14
New Insights on Environmental Effects in SDSS, and the Role of Conformity Simon Lilly View 2014-08-14
The Evolution of Galaxy Morphologies in CANDELS Jennifer Lotz View 2014-08-14
PCA Classification of CANDELS non-Parametric Galaxy Morphologies Michael Peth View 2014-08-14
High-z Galaxy Formation: Some New Insights Aviashai Dekel View 2014-08-14
Merging and the Growth of the Quiescent Galaxy Population - What do Galaxy Mergers do to Galaxies? Eric Bell View 2014-08-14
Testing Galaxy Merger Physics with Interacting Pairs Alireza Mortazavi View 2014-08-14
Close Pairs and Galaxy Formation Peter Behroozi (STScI) View 2014-08-14
Abundance of Field Galaxies Anatoly Klyplin View 2014-08-14
HALO7D: Looking at and Through the Milky Way Raja GuhaThakurta View 2014-08-14
The Complex Structure of Outer Galactic Disk Colin Slater View 2014-08-14
The Age-Velocity Dispersion Correlation in Andromeda's Stellar Disk Claire Dorman (UCSC) View 2014-08-14
Using High-Resolution Simulations to Inform Observations of Galaxy Structure at z~2 Elizabeth McGrath (Colby) View 2014-08-15
Status of the AGORA High-Resolution Cosmological Galaxy Simulation Comparison Project Joel Primack View 2014-08-15
Galaxy Evolution at z > 2: Cosmic Starvation, Mergers, and Morphology Robert Feldmann (UC Berkeley) View 2014-08-15
Kinetic SN Feedback and Other UNLV Efforts on AGORA Ken Nagamine (Osaka/UNLV) View 2014-08-15
The Structure and Dynamics of Filaments and clumps in Giant Molecular Clouds Michael Butler (Zurich) View 2014-08-15
The Rise and Fall of Elongated Galaxies Daniel Ceverino (UAM) View 2014-08-15
Science with Synthetic Images from Cosmological Simulations Greg Snyder (STScI) View 2014-08-15
Investigating the Pressure Support and the Metallicity Bimodality of the CGM Cameron Hummels (Arizona) View 2014-08-15
Impact of Turbulent Star Formation on High-z Galaxy Properties Julien Devriendt (Oxford) View 2014-08-15
Angular Momentum Acquisition in Milky-Way-Size Galaxy Halos Kyle Stewart (Baptist) View 2014-08-15
Understanding the Formation and Evolution of Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies Through Chemical Evolution Yves Revaz (EPFL/Lausanne) View 2014-08-15