Lectures Series > Computational Astrophysics 2014-2020: Approaching Exascale
Computational Astrophysics 2014-2020: Approaching Exascale
Welcome — UC-HiPACC 5th Year Report Joel Primack View 2014-03-21
Large-Scale Cosmological N-Body Simulations Anatoly Klypin View 2014-03-21
Cosmological Simulations: Approaching Exascale Mike S. Warren View 2014-03-21
Collisionless Fluids: Using Phase-Space Sheet(s) Tom Abel View 2014-03-21
Galaxies on FIRE: Challenges of Adding Physics in Galaxy Formation Models Phil Hopkins View 2014-03-21
Galaxy Simulations: Results from FIRE Project Dušan Kereš View 2014-03-21
Star Formation Simulations Mark Krumholz View 2014-03-21
Simulations of Planet Formation and Extrasolar Planets Greg Laughlin View 2014-03-21
Computational Explosive Astrophysics: White Dwarf and Neutron Star Mergers Daniel Kasen View 2014-03-21
Computational Neutrino Flavor (and Spin) Astrophysics George M. Fuller View 2014-03-21
Data-Driven Astronomical Inference with Machine Learning Joshua Bloom View 2014-03-21
Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS) Saul Perlmutter View 2014-03-21
Time Domain Computing: Cosmic Microwave Background Data Analysis Julian Borrill View 2014-03-21
Time Domain Computing: Solving the Follow-Up Crisis Tom Vestrand View 2014-03-21
Public Outreach Using Visualization Ryan Wyatt View 2014-03-21
GPU-Based Visualization of AMR and N-Body Dark Matter Simulation Data Ralf Kähler View 2014-03-21
Volumetric Data Analysis and Visualization with yt Matthew Turk with Alex Bogert View 2014-03-21
Support Campus Programs James Bullock View 2014-03-21
Expand Topical Areas Covered by HiPACC Mike Norman View 2014-03-21
Pursue Creation of a Scientific Computing Institute Joel Primack View 2014-03-21
Roundtable discussion by UC-HiPACC campus and lab representatives of what has worked, what needs imp S. Peng Oh, Maruša Brada─Ź, Gillian Wilson, Tom Vestrand View 2014-03-21
NERSC-8 Update for HiPACC Katie Antypas View 2014-03-22
Capabilities of, and Simulation Software for, New High Performance Computers Mike Norman View 2014-03-22
Supporting Science at NAS: HPC, Data Analysis and Collaboration Piyush Mahrotra View 2014-03-22
Time Domain Surveys Peter Nugent View 2014-03-22
Big Data: Storing, Moving, Mining, Visualizing Mike Norman View 2014-03-22
Cooperating — e.g., AGORA High-Resolution Galaxy Simulation Comparison Project Joel Primack View 2014-03-22