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2012 Santa Cruz Galaxy Workshop
Exploring the first gyr: Galaxy buildup at early times Garth Illingworth (UCSC) View 2012-08-13
Galaxy build-up in the heart of cosmic reionization Pascal Oesch (UCSC) View 2012-08-13
Galaxies at very high redshift Rychard Bouwens (Leiden) View 2012-08-13
High redshift galaxy formation: The growth spurt phase Sadegh Khochfar (MPE) View 2012-08-13
Galaxy star formation histories and rates from z=0-8 Peter Behroozi (KIPAC) View 2012-08-13
Formation of the Hubble Sequence at High Redshift Yicheng Guo (Umass) View 2012-08-13
Scaling relations and size evolution in galaxy populations Brad Holden (UCSC) View 2012-08-13
Elliptical galaxies come into focus Charlie Conroy (UCO/Lick) View 2012-08-13
The Jeans conjecture and the IMF Desika Narayanan (Arizona) View 2012-08-13
Globular clusters: Chemodynamical tracers of galaxy assembly Jean Brodie (UCSC) View 2012-08-13
The (Non?)-universality of the IMF Mark Krumholz (UCSC) View 2012-08-13
Star formation on galactic scale: make life simple Nick Gnedin (Uchicago) View 2012-08-13
Dust extinction at 0.75<z<1.5 with HST/WFC3 Alberto Dominguez (UCR) View 2012-08-13
The epoch of disk settling: z~1 to now Susan Kassin (NASA) View 2012-08-14
Lessons from stellar population analyses in the nearby Universe Joel Roediger (Queens) View 2012-08-14
Revisiting angular momentum and galaxy formation Aaron Romanowsky (UCO/Lick) View 2012-08-14
Measuring the mass of the MW Mike Boylan-Kolchin (UCI) View 2012-08-14
A New Probe of the Distribution of DM in Galaxies Sukanya Chakrabarti (Florida) View 2012-08-14
Radiative feedback in cosmological simulations of galaxy formation Sebastian Trujillo-Gomez (NMSU) View 2012-08-14
Galactic outflows and inflows among z~1 galaxies David Koo (UCSC) View 2012-08-14
Star formation and feedback with H2 Christensen (Arizona) View 2012-08-14
Stellar feedback in galaxy formation Yu Lu (Standford) View 2012-08-14
Redistributing matter in dwarf galaxies: cusps and cores James Wadsley (McMaster U) View 2012-08-14
Feedback & the too-big-to-fail problem of MW satellites James Bullock (UCI) View 2012-08-14
Why dwarf satellites have reduced central masses Adi Zolotov (Jerusalem) View 2012-08-14
Reproducing the dwarf spheroidal satellites Alyson Brooks (Uwisc) View 2012-08-14
Effects of baryons on the circular velocities of dwarf satellites Anatoly Klypin & Kenza Arraki (NMSU) View 2012-08-14
Large populations of gravitationally unstable galaxies John Forbes (UCSC) View 2012-08-14
Clump longevity in high-z galaxies Stijn Wuyts (MPE) View 2012-08-14
In-situ and ex-situ galaxy evolution at high redshift Avishai Dekel (Jerusalem) View 2012-08-15
SFGs at z~2: accretion, turbulence, and feedback Shy Genel (CfA/Harvard) View 2012-08-15
Outflows in high-z galaxies Sarah Newman (UCB) View 2012-08-15
Morphology and size evolution of Red Nuggets Daniel Ceverino (UAM) View 2012-08-15
Giant clumps in simulations of high-z disc galaxies Nir Mandelker (Jerusalem) View 2012-08-15
Clumpiness in CANDELS and hydro simulations Mark Mozena (UCSC) View 2012-08-15
Galaxy colors in radiative-transfer simulations Christopher Moody (UCSC) View 2012-08-15
Galaxy color gradients out to z~3 Niraj Welikala (IAS) View 2012-08-15
Quenching of Centrals Joanna Woo (Jerusalem) View 2012-08-15
The Dependency of Quiescence on Inner Galactic Structure Edmond Cheung (UCSC) View 2012-08-15
The quenching of star formation in SDSS galaxies Jerome Fang (UCSC) View 2012-08-15
Satellite quenching near MW-sized galaxies Coral Wheeler (UCI) View 2012-08-15
Satellite quenching near MW-sized galaxies John Phillips (UCI) View 2012-08-15
CANDELS: The progenitors of compact quiescent galaxies Guillermo Barro (UCSC) View 2012-08-15
Quenching in SAM Lauren Porter (UCSC) View 2012-08-15
The origin of bulges in cosmological simulations Dylan Tweed (Jerusalem) View 2012-08-15
The bulge-halo conspiracy of elliptical galaxies Andi Burkert (Munich) View 2012-08-15
The ISM and feedback: order from chaos Phil Hopkins (UCB) View 2012-08-16
Preponderance of metals in the CGM Jessica Werk (UCSC) View 2012-08-16
The Origin and Implications of the Fermi Bubbles Fulai Guo (UCSC) View 2012-08-16
Lyman alpha from high-z galaxies Rupert Croft (CMU) View 2012-08-16
Thermal-Instability-Driven Turbulent Mixing in Galactic Disks Chao-Chin Yang (UCSC) View 2012-08-16
The chemo-dynamical structure of galaxy halos Jacob Arnold (UCSC) View 2012-08-16
The Evolution of DM in phase space Tom Abel (KIPAC) View 2012-08-16
The Andromeda effect: DM Halos in the LG Shea Garrison-Kimmel (UCI) View 2012-08-16
Cosmological simulations with self-interacting DM Miguel Rocha (UCI) View 2012-08-16
Impact of baryonic physics on DM detection experiments Michael Kuhlen (UCB) View 2012-08-16
The galaxy-DM connection in the local Universe Rachel Reddick (Stanford) View 2012-08-16
Revisiting black hole mass and host galaxy scaling relations Chung-Pei Ma (UCB ) View 2012-08-16
Cold flows and the first quasars Tizianna Di Matteo (CMU) View 2012-08-16
High-z black hole growth and the M-sigma relation Colin DeGraf (CMU) View 2012-08-16
Starburst-QSO evolutionary stages and feedback Benjamin Weiner (Arizona) View 2012-08-16
Introduction and Rationale of the Comparison Project Joel Primack (UCSC) View 2012-08-17
Galaxy Formation: Big and Small Romain Teyssier (Zurich) View 2012-08-17
Black Hole Seeds in High-z Galaxy Mergers Lucio Mayer (Zurich) View 2012-08-17
The Eris Simulation Javiera Guedes (Zuirch) View 2012-08-17
The Circumgalactic Medium of Galaxies from High Resolution Zoom-in SPH Simulations Sijing Shen (UCSC) View 2012-08-17
The effects of baryons on the subhalos of MW-like galaxy Annalisa Pillepich (UCSC) View 2012-08-17
The Reionizers: High-z Dwarf Galaxies John Wise (Georgia Tech) View 2012-08-17
Towards realistic feedback in high-redshift galaxy formation simulations Phil Hopkins (UCB) View 2012-08-17
GF with black holes and radiating star clusters Ji-hoon Kim (UCSC) View 2012-08-17
A Cold Channel for Black Hole Accretion in Cosmological Simulations Amit Kashi (UNLV) View 2012-08-17