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Journalism Boot Camp (CAJBC)
Bigger is Better: Trends in Super Super Data Michael L. Norman View 2012-06-25
Introduction: How and Why Computation is Transforming Astronomy Joel R. Primack View 2012-06-25
The Secrets of Adaptive Optics Claire E. Max View 2012-06-25
Probing Nature’s Highest Energy Particle Accelerators Brenda Dingus View 2012-06-25
Intro to University of California Observatory Instrument Labs Raja GuhaThakurta/Donald T. Gavel View 2012-06-25
Intuition and Common Sense Foiled Again: Supercomputers Reveal Surprising Neutrino Behavior... George M. Fuller View 2012-06-25
Cosmology and the Milky Way James S. Bullock View 2012-06-25
Keynote Sandra M. Faber View 2012-06-25
Probing the Galactic Planetary Census: Methods for Discovering and Characterizing Exoplanets Gregory P. Laughlin View 2012-06-25
Intro to University of California Observatory Instrument Labs Donald Gavel View 2012-06-25
Filling the Cosmos with (Virtual) Stars Mark Krumholz View 2012-06-26
How the Universe Evolved from Smooth to Lumpy... Eliot Quataert View 2012-06-26
Dark Matter and Dark Energy: Working with the Dark Side to Discover the Ultimate Fate of the Univers Kim Griest View 2012-06-26
The Cosmic Dawn: Illuminating a Dark Universe Steven Furlanetto View 2012-06-26
A Concise Tour of Astronomical Simulations and Visualizations Joel R. Primack View 2012-06-26
Searching for Dark Matter Particles on Earth and in Space Manoj Kaplinghat View 2012-06-26
News from Deep Space! A Journalism Roundtable Discussion on Covering Astronomy Robert Irion View 2012-06-26