Lectures Series > The Future of AstroComputing
The Future of AstroComputing
Modelling the Milky Way: Challenges in Scientific Computing and Data Analysis Matthias Steinmetz (Astrophysical Institute Potsdam) View 2010-12-16
Keynote: How HPC architecture and software are evolving toward exascale Kathy Yelick (NERSC & LBLL) View 2010-12-16
Modeling the Signatures of Galaxy Assembly Claude-Andre Faucher-Giguere (UCB) View 2010-12-16
Wide Field Surveys and Real-Time Analysis Peter Nugent (LBNL) View 2010-12-16
Opening Remarks-The University of California High-Performance AstroComputing Center† Joel Primack (UCSC) View 2010-12-16
Astrophysical Data Processing on Heterogeneous Many-core Systems* Ted Kisner (LBNL) View 2010-12-16
Barriers to Computing at Scale : Hardware, Algorithms, and Modeling* Robert Fisher (University of Massachusetts Dartmouth) View 2010-12-16
Fast generation of ensembles of cosmological N-body simulations via mode resampling† Michael Schneider (LLNL) View 2010-12-16
How Large Simulations Databases can Play Nicely with One Another* Alex Szalay (JHU) View 2010-12-16
Algorithms for Higher Order Statistics† Istvan Szapudi (IfA, Honolulu) View 2010-12-16
LSST: Petascale Opportunities and Challenges* Tony Tyson (UCD) View 2010-12-16
Open Source Astrophysics and Analysis† Matthew Turk (UCSD) View 2010-12-16
Optimizing the inner loop of the gravitational force interaction on modern processors† Michael Warren (LANL) View 2010-12-16
Mass and magnetic distribution in Self Gravitating Super Alfvenic AMR simulations† David Collins (UCSD) View 2010-12-16
Cosmic Microwave Background Data Analysis at The Exascale And Beyond* Julian Borrill (LBNL & UCB) View 2010-12-16
Simulating the Milky Way: there's no place like home?† Michael Boylan-Kolchin (UCI) View 2010-12-16
The Birth of a Galaxy† John Wise (Princeton University) View 2010-12-16
Using Scientific Visualization to enhance informal science education: lessons from the Space Visuali Mark SubbaRao (Adler Planetarium) View 2010-12-16
Light-shows from Supermassive Black Hole Mergers Pablo Laguna (Georgia Tech) View 2010-12-17
Advancing Galaxy Formation Modeling† Andrew Benson (Caltech) View 2010-12-17
Toward Realistic 3D Core Collapse Supernova Modeling: Near-Term Expectations and Longer-Term Plans a Anthony Mezzacappa (ORNL) View 2010-12-17
Radiative Transfer Calculation of Accretion Flows around Supermassive Black Holes† Po Kin Leung (UCSB) View 2010-12-17
Petascale Cosmology using ENZO Robert Harkness (UCSD/SDSC) View 2010-12-17
ISM/molecular cloud/star formation simulations Alexei Kritsuk (UCSD) View 2010-12-17
Radiative Transfer Calculation of Accretion Flows around Supermassive Black Holes Po Kin Leung (UCSB) View 2010-12-17
Simulation Challenges for Next Generation Galaxy Surveys* Risa Wechsler (Stanford University) View 2010-12-17
The Challenges Associated with Future, More Predictive, 3D Dynamic Astrophysical Simulations* John Hawley (University of Virginia) View 2010-12-17
Accessing large cosmological simulations† Anatoly Klypin (NMSU) View 2010-12-17
Cosmological simulations on large, heterogeneous supercomputers† Adrian Pope (LANL) View 2010-12-17
The Future of Enzo* Michael Norman (SDSC) View 2010-12-17
Relativistic Gas Dynamics and Turbulence† Andrew MacFadyen (NYU) View 2010-12-17
The Feedback Effects of Radiation and Protostellar Outflows on High Mass and Low Mass Star Formation Richard I. Klein (UCB, LLNL) View 2010-12-17
Ambipolar Diffusion Effects on the Weakly Ionized Turbulence Molecular Clouds† Pak-Shing Li (UCB) View 2010-12-17