Lectures Series > 2011 Santa Cruz Galaxy Workshop
2011 Santa Cruz Galaxy Workshop
Scientific highlights of the DEEP2 and AEGIS surveys Sandy Faber (UCSC) View 2011-08-08
Galaxies in the first billion years Garth Illingworth (UCSC) View 2011-08-08
Compact and massive early-type galaxies at redshift ~1 Rafael Guzman (Florida) View 2011-08-08
Evolution of the star-forming galaxy population via H alpha Jesus Gallego (UCM) View 2011-08-08
HST and Spitzer view of luminous compact blue galaxies James Lowenthal (Smith) View 2011-08-08
Koo-I: Panchromatic astronomy: past, present, and future Rogier Windhorst (ASU) View 2011-08-08
BAO signature in the SDSS main galaxy sample Alex Szalay (JHU) View 2011-08-08
Disk Mass Survey: maximality and stellar M/L Matt Bershady (UWisconsin) View 2011-08-08
M31's unusual bulge Raja Guhathakurta (UCSC) View 2011-08-08
Pending problems in stellar population synthesis Gustavo Bruzual (CIDA) View 2011-08-08
Triggering mechanisms of AGN at z~2 (CANDELS) Dale Kocevski (UCSC) View 2011-08-08
Dark halo contraction and the stellar IMF Aaron Dutton (UVIC) View 2011-08-08
Winds in z~1 galaxies David Koo (UCSC) View 2011-08-08
Star formation in the multiphase interstellar medium of galaxies Christopher McKee (UCB) View 2011-08-09
Metallicity-dependent star formation and galaxy formation Mark Krumholz (UCSC) View 2011-08-09
Dwarf galaxy formation with H2-regulated star formation Michael Kuhlen (UCB) View 2011-08-09
Evolution of giant molecular clouds Nathan Goldbaum (UCSC) View 2011-08-09
On the origin of galactic scale winds Norm Murray (CITA) View 2011-08-09
Supernova driven versus gravity driven galaxy evolution Andreas Burkert (Munich) View 2011-08-09
H2 mass of a galaxy? the CO-H2 conversion factor Desika Narayanan (Arizona) View 2011-08-09
Galactic star formation at the peak of the galaxy formation epoch Reinhard Genzel (MPE/UCB) View 2011-08-09
Rotational support of giant clumps in high-z disk galaxies Daniel Ceverino (Jerusalem) View 2011-08-09
Clumpy disks at high z in CANDELS and simulations Mark Mozena (UCSC) View 2011-08-09
Birth of the cool Neal Katz (UMASS) View 2011-08-09
Stream-fed clumpy disks, bulges and black holes Avishai Dekel (Jerusalem) View 2011-08-09
Pancakes served cold Oliver Hahn (KIPAC) View 2011-08-09
Lyman alpha emission from simulated high-z galaxies Daniel Kasen (UCB) View 2011-08-09
Evolution of gravitational Instability in high-z galaxies Marcello Cacciato (Jerusalem) View 2011-08-09
Stellar populations produced in gravitationally unstable disks John Forbes (UCSC) View 2011-08-09
Superwinds from massive star-forming clumps at z~2 Sarah Newman (UCB) View 2011-08-09
An analytic model for galaxy growth in equilibrium Romeel Dave (Arizona) View 2011-08-10
Observing the end of cold flow accretion: co-rotation of cool gas Kyle Stewart (JPL) View 2011-08-10
Detecting cold streams with absorption line systems Michele Fumagalli (UCSC) View 2011-08-10
Galaxy gaseous halos and galaxy formation Ariyeh Maller (CUNY) View 2011-08-10
Star formation histories from z=0 to z=8 Peter Behroozi (KIPAC) View 2011-08-10
Exploring the high-redshift universe with HST Pascal Oesch (UCSC) View 2011-08-10
Stellar population modeling of galaxies and the sSFR plateau at z=4-7 Valentino Gonzalez (UCSC) View 2011-08-10
Modeling of the extragalactic background light Rudy Gilmore (SISSA) View 2011-08-10
Galaxy formation on a moving mesh Dusan Keres (UCB) View 2011-08-10
Spectral fluctuations as a new probe of the IMF in nearby galaxies Charlie Conroy (Harvard/CfA) View 2011-08-10
Metal mixing near spiral arms Chao-Chin Yang (UCSC) View 2011-08-10
Rewinding galaxies using SFRs & the Fossil Record Sam Leitner (UChicago) View 2011-08-10
SED modeling of galaxies in simulations Patrik Jonsson (Harvard/CfA) View 2011-08-10
Evolution of molecular gas in normal galaxies (CARMA) Amber Bauermeister (UCB) View 2011-08-10
Abundance trends in the MW disk as observed by SEGUE Judy Cheng (UCSC) View 2011-08-10
Metal enrichment of the CGM of massive galaxies at z=3 Sijing Shen (UCSC) View 2011-08-10
The last eight-billion years of CIV and SiIV evolution Kathy Cooksey (MIT) View 2011-08-10
Enhanced abundances in spiral galaxies of the Pegasus I cluster Greg Shields (Texas) View 2011-08-10
First passage quasars Robert da Silva (UCSC) View 2011-08-10
Cosmological formation of slowly rotating massive elliptical galaxies Thorsten Naab (MPA) View 2011-08-10
Building the red sequence in cosmological simulations Jared Gabor (Arizona) View 2011-08-11
SAM evolution of early type galaxy versus SDSS and 6dF data Lauren Porter (UCSC) View 2011-08-11
Environment dependence of star formation and quenching Joanna Woo (Jerusalem) View 2011-08-11
The central kpc of galaxies: bulges and DM cores Fabio Governato (UW) View 2011-08-11
Born to be bright: evolution of massive galaxies in groups Robert Feldmann (Fermilab) View 2011-08-11
The evolution of galaxies in groups and clusters Andrew Wetzel (Yale) View 2011-08-11
Rotating ETG: merger simulations versus ATLAS3D survey Loren Hoffman (Jerusalem) View 2011-08-11
Galaxy merger simulations versus SAURON/ATLAS3D data Chris Moody (UCSC) View 2011-08-11
Halo rotation and metallicity gradients in ETGs: two-phase assembly Jacob Arnold (UCSC) View 2011-08-11
Massive failures among the Milky Way's subhalos Mike Boylan-Kolchin (CGE/UCI) View 2011-08-11
Satellites and subhalos in LCDM James Bullock (UCI) View 2011-08-11
Correlations of DM halo properties Jose Onorbe (UCI) View 2011-08-11
Massive failures in the WMAP-7 cosmology Shea Garrison-Kimmel (UCI) View 2011-08-11
Dynamics of the subhalo population of the VL2 simulation Miguel Rocha (UCI) View 2011-08-11
Kinematics and scaling relations of M31 dSphs (SPLASH survey) Erik Tollerud (UCI) View 2011-08-11
Sagittarius impact: spirality and rings in the Milky Way Chris Purcell (Pittsburgh) View 2011-08-11
A model of FeLoBALs: implications for quasar feedback C-A Faucher-Giguere (UCB) View 2011-08-12
Simulations of black hole fueling and feedback Greg Novak (Princeton) View 2011-08-12
Simulations of stellar and AGN feedback Phil Hopkins (UCB) View 2011-08-12
AGN unified model: accretion, obscuration, and host (CANDELS) Jonathan Trump (UCSC) View 2011-08-12
The Fermi bubbles: an AGN feedback event in the Milky Way? Fulai Guo (UCSC) View 2011-08-12
Cosmic velocity and tidal fields from groups in SDSS Frank van den Bosch (Yale) View 2011-08-12
How accurate is our knowledge of the galaxy bias? Surhud More (KICP) View 2011-08-12
Bolshoi simulations and their implications Joel Primack (UCSC) View 2011-08-12